Are you ready? Take the canteens and travel with us!

Starting from November 2016, a new educational offer for schools of all levels will be available at the Museum! The Via Francigena, which has united different peoples and cultures for over a thousand years, will be the main theme of the educational proposals. Workshops, guided tours and activities, characterized by a multidisciplinary and experiential approach, will be dedicated to the learning of history, culture and society of the Middle Ages and the discovery of Lucca and the surrounding itineraries of pilgrimage. New multi-media technologies will accompany children and young students on a long journey through the centuries within Europe, including Lucca and its walls which represented a crucial stopover towards Rome, the final destination.

At the “Hospitality”, inside the adjacent service center of Casermetta San Salvatore, an information office, a reception point and a refreshment station will await school classes to get some rest during their educational adventure.

During the month of October, teachers and professors can plan a free tour of the new complex FRANCIGENA ENTRY POINT or request an appointment at their school for the presentation of the educational proposals, made by our staff (province of Lucca).

TO BOOK YOUR VISIT: + 39 3341046719 or write to