The MUSEUM is situated in the former house of the Teacher of Righteousness, inside the monumental complex of Bastion San Salvatore.

The access to the bastion is through a long Gallery leading to the Central Hall, characterized by four gunboats; it is covered by cross vaults, supported by a massive stone pillar: the latest restoration allows us to appreciate the joint of the basement and its transformations during the centuries.

At the conclusion of the excavations, the stone base of the medieval walls, partially demolished during the construction of the bastion, was left exposed: this makes the environment particularly suggestive. With the construction of the bulwark, the bastion and its basement were not demolished but, above the access tunnel, a house on three floors was built: it is known as "House of the Executioner", because it was assigned to the executioner Thomas Jona in 1825.

It is just in this first suggestive room that you can immerse yourself in the Via Francigena, crossing time and space: Francigena Emotion. The Journey, the Faith, the Beauty. It is an innovative concept of multimedia tour. Starting on 23rd September, from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, everyone will have the possibility to get excited with a preview. The journey along the Via Francigena and through the city of Lucca continues upstairs: the upper room is equipped with an interactive educational multimedia itinerary.


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