The Hospitality is situated into the monumental complex of Bulwark San Salvatore, an area of great interest located between Bulwark San Pietro and Porta Elisa. The Bulwark, designed by Ginese Bresciani and built between 1590 and 1592, has a symmetrical shape with sides of the same length and rounded edges. Along the embankment there is a series of preserved old fortifications of special interest: along the inner perimeter there is a semi-elliptical bastion, called "Bastardo", built in 1525 in order to increase the defense of the late medieval ramparts, called “The Borghi Walls”. A tract of the brick curtain wall is still conserved.

The Casermetta of the same name, restored by the Cassa di Lucca Foundation, is included into the overall project "Lucca, the walls and the Via Francigena" and now it presents itself to the public as Hospitality, a place to rest, refresh and relax before resuming the way, whether it is physical or virtual.

The Hospitality is open every day, except on Tuesday, from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm (the out-of-hours service is by appointment only) and it is provided with a café, a restaurant and a relaxation area. Other services will be available in a short while.

Among the proposals of typical dishes, the restaurant offers selections of cold cuts, Tuscan soups, spelt salads, vegetarian or seafood lasagna, roasted pork, stewed tripe, vegetable omelette and salted codfish. Among the desserts, try the apple pie and the cake with ricotta and figs!

Discover here the opening times and all the information to plan your visit better. 

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